Kovolis Hedvikov has been long-term focused on new progressive technologies and development projects.

FSW - Friction Stir Welding

We have started testing FSW (Friction Stir Welding) technology. The tests are running especially on heating exchangers.

Development of 'SMART DIE'

We are actively participating in a project ‘SMART DIE FOR HIGH PRESSURE DIE CASTING‘, running under TREND program, supported by Czech Technological Agency, together with casting institute of Technical university VUT – FSI and with company MecasESI. Utilising advance simulations, real-time die monitoring and datamining, we aim to develop a methodology enabling to increaese tooling lifetime of high pressure dies. 

Other activities

  • Squeeze casting / Squeeze Master
  • Steel inserts overcast
  • Rheocasting (semisolid)
  • High silicon content alloys usage (AlSi14xxx)
  • Lost (salt) cores
  • DMC coding
  • On-line production data collection
  • Production data processing
  • Micro spraying
  • Automated (robotised) deburring
  • Robotised machining
  • Helium pressure testing
  • Non abrasive die cleaning
  • 3D scanning

Kovolis Hedvikov working together with technical universities in long-term co-operation; not only on research but also solving graduate theses.